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The Viennese painter, graphic artist and photographer Franz Senkinc tried to work and to live in accordance with an open-minded, avantgarde concept of society, without any restrictions whatsoever. This approach is clearly mirrored by his artwork. In his art, he was always experimental. He had his mind mostly set on photography, along with collage, smaller-scale assorted material composition and drawing.
On the other hand, Senkinc painted very traditional landscapes, sometimes carried out in an expressive manner, that were at varience with his otherwise progressive and avantgarde mindset. After 1945, he accomplished large-scale collages, addressing in a very head-on way the madness of war and of Nazi rule. Later, he decicated himself to surrealistic contemplation that were strongly motivated by sexuality.

We at Widder Fine Arts in Johannesgasse, Vienna specialise in fine arts from the classical modern period and from the inter-war years, particularly from Austria. No matter whether you already are an enthusiastic admirer of Franz Senkinc's art or are just about to become one, you surely have come to the right place.

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